ibc1000 litre IBC’s (Intermediate Bulk Containers)

We specialize in both the laundering and sales of reconditioned IBCs.

These containers can be used for the transportation of bulk materials including hazardous and chemical goods. IBCs are also used for rainwater storage purposes for garden or stock use.

All our IBC’s are cleaned and dried thoroughly both internally and externally to ensure the integrity of all future products. They are then pressure tested.  All cages are inspected and repaired.

We are able to deliver in large or small quantities
according to your requirements and we are able to
turn around your requirements in a timely manner.



blue-drums205 litre  Mauser Drums

Mauser drums are safe and secure storage of liquids. These drums have a closed head format and  are ideal for the safe handling of bulk hazardous goods.





prods25, 20 and 15 litre plastic drums

These containers are suitable for the storage of smaller quantities of fluids,  dangerous goods and non dangerous goods. We can provide a laundering or a disposal service for all these containers.  Please call to discuss your requirements.






partsIBC Spare parts

We stock and are able to source a wide range of IBC spare parts. Please call us to discuss requirements

IBC adaptors

IBC Caps

IBC Plugs

IBC Valves

Camlocks and camlock fittings